About Murra Delima

A company established in 2015 that sell pomegranate products in many types such as fresh pomegranate juice, concentrated pomegranate and pomegranate fruit from many countries.

Our product is supplied from wholesalers and factory and being marketed to public consumers by promotion booth around Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor region

Murra's work

Went the company firstly introduce pomegranate products in public, it is still unfamiliar and most of them is not aware of the fruit itself. However, our company continued to introduce more about the benefit and good taste of this products in many ways by collecting facts and giving samples to convince our customers.

Our product is easily adapted among our customers trust and taste of tongue around our promotion booth and public places. And until now, we are planning to have our own product in sachets by June 2018.

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